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Make a list of actionable items to be fixed, updated, or changed on the website, Review the website’s link profile. Audit the link profile. Review all of the links pointing to the website from other websites. Update, change, or remove bad links pointing to the website. Come up with a strategy for acquiring new links to the website.

Implement the results of the SEO audit as a part of the monthly ongoing retainer SEO services, Advertisement, Continue Reading Below, In 99 percent of cases, the first thing that must be done is an SEO audit of the website. There are a lot of tasks involved in putting together an SEO audit, and audits can take anywhere from 3-5 hours to 60 days to complete, depending on the size of the website and what’s involved in auditing the websites.

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For example, they typically rely on a template, and making changes to the template can have an effect on thousands of pages, all at once, potentially affecting some large site issues. Once an SEO audit is completed, then the SEO has a good idea of the status of the website and what needs to be done, especially if the website has been launched already (it’s a live website).

Whether that’s done separately from monthly retainer fees doesn’t really matter – it just has to be done. While selling SEO on a monthly retainer basis is typical, the first month or two will have to be made up of auditing the website and then implementing those changes and fixes.

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Brand New Websites, For brand new websites that are being launched, having an SEO involved from the beginning of the process is essential. For example, as the website’s wire frames and overall structure of the website is developed, an experienced SEO should be involved. Too often SEOs are brought in right before a website is launched.

Typically, you’ll see SEO services being offered for $199, $300, or even $500 a month. To do SEO properly and successfully, a lot of customization is involved. There really is no one-size-fits-all type of SEO that can be done that will benefit a business. From what I’ve seen, these cheap SEO services aren’t actually search engine optimization.

Ultimately, other than providing some local listings and citations for a business, the cheap SEO services end up costing a business money in the long run. Advertisement, Continue Reading Below, Here are some things to know about cheap SEO services. Hopefully you aren’t selling cheap SEO services. If you are, then you’re really hurting businesses and not helping them.

Targeting certain keywords by creating “keyword focused” pages is an old tactic – so I wouldn’t add those doorway type pages on websites. There are a lot of “old-style” SEO tactics that are still being performed on websites that do more harm than good. Most of the SEO tactics that were being done five years ago or longer are no longer considered to be “best practices”.

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Understand how the SEO working on the client’s accounts stays up to date with the latest SEO techniques. There are ways to do this, such as reading articles online, participating in webmaster and SEO-related message boards, and attending search conferences. Cheap SEO services typically will package other services, such as getting social media links, local listings, or even adding auto-generated web pages to client websites and call those services SEO.

Verify that the cheap SEO services being provided to the client do not violate any of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. What Clients Need to Hear (or Should Never Hear)Here’s what you should and shouldn’t tell clients when selling SEO.What You Should Tell Clients, You can’t perform SEO magic on a website to make it rank well.

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It’s an SEO’s job to know those best practices and make sure that issues, if present, are resolved. It’s those issues that can typically cause a website not to rank where they should in the search results. SEO takes time. While changes can be made to websites that make it more search engine friendly, SEO is something that takes months or even years to see its full potential.

Once they see the value of SEO, they’ll typically want to fix issues that come up during the audit. That can take months to fix and implement proper SEO strategies. Tell clients that you (or your agency) will be honest with them, keep them informed of what you’re doing on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, and that you’re there to answer any questions they have.